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Minimalist Website redesign. No bells or whistles!

Due to the current covid-19 predicament, filming for Missioner.tv has been dramatically reduced throughout 2020. The series of videos planned long ago in 2019, are still mostly postponed. This is ... See more

2 weeks ago
My Encounter With The Supernatural Fox From Hell (Or Just A Fox)!

I was going through some old footage and thought this was a little bit entertaining. At least if for no other reason than because I think I might have pooed myself a little bit!

LOCATION: Haunted Woods in Hockley, Essex, UK. DATE: 23/08/2017 - The Early Hours Of The Night! DETAILS: This happened during a solo visit to this scary loca...

2 weeks ago
Mission Log – MISSIONER.TV



1.This is your vision and your quest. Don't be afraid to own it. 2.Make it videoworthy. Document it. Make it art. Make it matter. 3.Write it down. Define it to make it definite. 4.Be audacious. Aim ... See more

1 month ago
Ramblings On The Paranormal

Here I give a talk (or more correctly a rambling) about the paranormal and give an explanation as to what that might mean. Talking some theology, some philos...

6 months ago
#0001 - Chelmsford City Coronavirus Shutdown (21/3/2020)

Coronavirus Shutdown Chelmsford City High Street, Essex, England Saturday, 21st, March 2020 10 PM Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/THEMISSIONER?su...

10 months ago
Haunted Britain: Hatfield Forest, Essex, England.

I am testing different render formats with this video, as the one which I have been using leaves the image too dark. Hopefully this will be an improvement on...

10 months ago
Halloween Visit to Epping Forest & The Church Of The Holy Innocents

Halloween visit to haunted Epping Forest & The Church Of The Holy Innocents

Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/THEMISSIONER?sub_confirmation=1 More Info @ https://www.missioner.tv

12 months ago
Haunted Britain: Orbs Photographed In A World War 2 Pillbox?

Pillbox location: Chelmsford, Essex, England. Music: Waltz To Death by Sir Cubworth Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/THEMISSIONER?sub_confirmation...

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