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#0006 Mask Procedures... (12/10/2020)

#Covid19 #GasMask procedures.

This is to stop the mask from fogging up when changing environments. Using British Army 1950's post war Outfit Anti-Dimming Kit MK7 on a MIRA Safety CM-7M Mi...

2 weeks ago
#0005 - The Problem With The U.K...... (13/07/2020)

This #Covid19 mallarky has highlighted one problem with the UK. Too many w@%kers think they can live by their own rules. The few #Sociopaths CANNOT control the many, we can't allow it!

WARNING: CONTAINS PROFANITIES I originally deleted this, but it is now back up because comedy should never have to apologize for itself! So I'm sorry that I'...

2 weeks ago
#0004 - Missioner Vs The World And Has A Meltdown (20/06/2020)

It's just a #FaceMask like any other, just better. Making #GasMask wearing fun with mask wars, pow pow pow!

WARNING: Minor Swearing The real battle begins @7:20 Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/MISSIONERTV?sub_confirmation=1 More Info @ https://www.missi...

2 weeks ago
Haunted Writtle - Longmeads House

Haunted Writtle - Longmeads House NOTE: I'm not entirely sure how far the development of Longmeads House has come along. Due to the strange situation of 2020...

2 weeks ago
Haunted Writtle - Contender For The Most Haunted Village In England?

Pluckley in Kent boasts the reputation of England's Most Haunted Village with 12 Ghosts. But is the village of Writtle in Essex a worthy contender for that t...

3 weeks ago

Massive changes for Missioner TV.

The main channel has become PARANORMAL MISSIONER and will now be dedicated solely to the Paranormal, Supernatural, Mysterious, Arcane, and Occult. @ ... See more

4 weeks ago

Minimalist Website redesign. No bells or whistles!

Due to the current covid-19 predicament, filming for Missioner.tv has been dramatically reduced throughout 2020. The series of videos planned long ago in 2019, are still mostly postponed. This is ... See more

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